Tomorrow Leaders

Tomorrow’s leaders will be different from today’s leaders. They will be more culturally sophisticated, ethnically diverse, globally oriented, with a view toward international peace and sustainability. They will be transformative in their vision and approach to facing the challenges of the twenty-first century. Already, they understand the need to create new paradigms for addressing many of the issues of conflict that grieve today’s national and international communities.

How does one develop this kind of leadership talent among young people?  By affording them the opportunity to grow academically in a challenging environment steeped with analytical and cultural expanding experiences; by challenging them with the great issues of the day and giving them the chance to debate and bring solution to domestic and international issues as they see them.  Through these experiences that seek to harness the inherent leadership talents they already possesses, they will broaden their perspectives, develop new skill-sets and improve their communication abilities.

There is someone out there ready to lead the twenty-first century. They are ready to commence the journey that will lead to a sustainable society; they are ready to ignite creativity and innovation that will lead to scientific discovery; they are ready to make this a better world in which to live. Wouldn’t you like to be the one who inspires them? If so , begin the journey by committing to make a difference by investing you time in Leadership development.


Recognizing the need to invest in our future, the Taylor Wilson Thompson Family Foundation will offer 15 to 20 schools the opportunity to identify student leaders. The Foundation strives to give them the opportunity to develop that leadership potential during the 2013-2014 academic year. Through small grants, the Foundation hopes to challenge selected schools to invest their time and effort in establishing a cohort of future leaders who will be tomorrow’s difference makers.


Leaders are all around us. On any playground in America you see them taking charge, orchestrating the scene around them and making a difference. They come in all shapes and sizes, genders, ethnicities and religions. As they reach out their arms and attempt to grab a hold of life, take their hand and give them the skills to change the world.

Many have been leaders since preschool. Often they were the one leading others in song, taking charge during recess, leading the discussions or just being the center of attention. Others developed leadership skills by watching their siblings, parents or teachers or learned how to get things done by trial and error. But for many, leadership does not come easy, and the challenge is to help them develop the skills necessary to begin that leadership process.

Students who are nurtured and supported to develop their leadership potential reinvest their time and efforts back into their schools and communities. They become the ones you can count on to lead the charge to make the world around them a better place.

Look around, they are there right in front of you waiting for someone to take their hand and show them the way. Be the one who makes a difference in their lives.

Developing leaders in your community will help reap positive benefits.

Students who are nurtured and supported within their communities reinvest their time and effort in developing their neighborhoods and schools.

Students with greater skills build a strong cadre of young people who soon will be productive citizens.